Castles In Florence

Castles In Florence

Get an up and close view of some of the most grand and elegant homes to the most affluent families during the Renaissance period and later centuries. The castles in Florence Italy are a sight to behold and most of them serve as galleries housing rich artworks. Witness the greatest treasures of art and architecture by taking a tour of these castles that have been designed by some of the greatest architects in history. Enjoy the different ways in which the paintings and artefacts are showcased in the various castles. The Pitti Palace exhibits the paintings as pieces of adornment in a manner in which the residents had them displayed while in the Uffizi Gallery you will see them exhibited in typical museum style.

Explore some of the most important castles in Florence that have been associated with powerful families and nobilities in the past. Witness at close quarters, the exquisite adornment and grandeur of the interiors of some of these castles such as the Castello di Biserno. The colourful geometric designs, mosaic tiled floors, and ornate workmanship at the Castello di Sammezzano will take your breath away. Also, engage in the rich history and intriguing tales of castles such as the Castello di Mezzaratta and Castello di Torregalli.

Castle Of Vincigliata

Enjoy a wide picture of Florence’s history by visiting this splendid castle that dates back to the 13th century and relays the intriguing tale of Uberto and Bianca. Learn about the two powerful Florentine families to which they belonged and how Bianca was housed in this castle to keep her away from Uberto. Located near the town of Fiesole, this is one of the most amazing castles in Florence Italy set amidst picturesque hilly landscapes and showcasing grand mediaeval architecture.

Location: v b, Via Vincigliata, 21, 50014 Vincigliata FI, Italy

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Castello di Mezzaratta

Explore one of the most impressive castles in Florence Italy created in neo Gothic style with a unique crenellated tower. Built in the early 20th century, this is one of the newer structures in the city that has been erected with the intention of maintaining the splendour of the Middle Ages. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding lands and the beautiful Settignano hill in the background. You can also see in this castle the unique feature of massive lookout towers and panoramic points used by the wealthy class of olden times.

Location: Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 195, 50135 Settignano FI, Italy

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Montalbano Castle

Visit one of the biggest castles in Florence Italy that is known for its rich historical value and is also used to hold cultural events and theatre workshops today. It was built during the early 13th century by Emperor Frederick II to lay control over the River Montalbano, the underlying valley, and surrounding lands. A unique aspect about the castle is that you can even stay here overnight for a royal experience. Catch breathtaking views of the city from the sun terrace which is among the most striking features here.

Location: Via di Montalbano, 8, 50135 Firenze FI, Italy

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Castello di Torregalli

When you are out touring the castles in Florence Italy, this is certainly one that should feature at the top of your list for its imposing exterior as well as a grand interior. Located between the Arno and the Greve, Castello di Torregalli has been home to some of the richest families in the city right from the middle of the 15th century. The castle was initially under land owner Francesco di Filippo di Loso de ' Nerli and you can still see its unique features. These include the wall fountain, the beautiful Terrace, the first courtyard, and the beautiful neo-gothic chapel.

Location: Via Torre Galli, 50143 Firenze FI, Italy

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Castello di Bisarno

Known for its exquisitely adorned interiors, the Castello di Biserno is one of the most beautiful castles in Florence, Italy. Enjoy an up and close view of the beautiful internal designs and intricate floral motifs that were created in the olden days and continue to have visitors in awe of them. Yet another interesting feature of the castle are its unique Octagonal stone pillars and the wooden beamed ceilings. Learn about the history of the castle that once belonged to the Bards and later passed on to the Billotti.

Location: Via di Badia a Ripoli, 5, 50126 Firenze FI, Italy

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Castello di Verrazzano

Experience the warm and romantic atmosphere of this beautiful estate that houses one of the most amazing castles in Florence. Delve deep into the monument’s interesting and engaging history and catch sights of the breathtaking surroundings from here. The castle was founded in 1170 and is today known for the spectacular vineyards around it. It is located in the heartland of the Chianti Classico region and you can enjoy the flavours of the rich countryside as well during your visit here.

Location: Via Castello di Verrazzano, 1, 50022 Greve in Chianti FI, Italy

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Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi

Perched high atop a hill merely 40 km from the main city, this is among the UNESCO protected castles in Florence. Wallow in the enchanting surroundings of the castle that comprises gorgeous countryside, narrow alleyways, and quaint mediaeval streets. Step back in time as you enter the castle which was home to the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and learn about the different owners of this massive estate till it became a national museum in 1969.

Location: Via dei Ponti Medicei, 7, 50050 Cerreto Guidi FI, Italy

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Castello di Sammezzano

Explore one of the oldest castles in Florence whose foundations date back to the times of the Romans and the Middle Ages. The defensive fortress is steeped in rich history especially as it was also visited by Charlemagne and is associated with noble families such as the Gualtierotti, the Altoviti and even the Medici. The huge palace complex has 365 rooms, each of which has been decorated and styled in a unique manner. Walk down some of its most important rooms such as the Peacock Room, the White Room, and the Hall of Mirrors.

Location: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 6, 50066 Leccio FI, Italy

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Which are the top castles to visit in Florence, Italy?

  • Castle of Vincigliata
  • Castello di Mezzaratta
  • Montalbano Castle
  • Castello di Torregalli
  • Castello di Bisarno

How many days do you need in Florence?

You should spend at least 3 to 4 days in Florence so that you can enjoy all that this spectacular city has to offer. Florence is known for its numerous attractions, history, and culture, which are beautifully manifested in its marvellous art and architecture.

How to reach Florence?

By Air: You can reach Florence from other European cities by air as it is connected through domestic flights to and from its Amerigo Vespucci Airport. The airport is only 5 km away from the city’s centre.

By Road: You can reach Florence by road from different parts of the country as well as other European cities by availing the comprehensive bus network available here. So you can easily travel from European cities such as Milan, Bologna, Naples and Rome to Florence. There are also several buses from nearby towns such as Siena, Montepulciano, Assisi in Umbria, Greve in Chianti, and others that can take you to the SITA bus station in Florence.

By Train: Most of the major Italian cities are connected to Florence by a robust rail network. You can reach the Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence from other European locations as well.

What is special about Montalbano Castle?

The Montalbano Castle in Florence is extremely famous for its rich history that dates back almost eight centuries when it started as a primitive Roman stronghold. The castle features two permanent exhibitions dedicated to Sidearms and Medieval Musical Instruments respectively.

How long should one spend exploring castles in Florence?

You can spend around one to two hours exploring each castle in Florence. This however, also depends on the castles’ size, its attractions, and features.

Is Florence worth visiting?

Yes, Florence is certainly worth a visit as it is one of the most historically and culturally rich cities in Europe. It has much to offer with its numerous castles, squares, museums and being one of the main centres of Renaissance art.


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