2 Days In Florence

Places to Visit in florence in 2 days

Bask in the rich history, exquisite masterpieces, awe-inspiring cathedrals, mouth-watering Italian cuisines, and much more by spending 2 days in Florence. The quaint medieval city is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and attracts visitors from all over the globe for being one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Visit this spectacular city to understand the integral role it had played during the Renaissance period with some of the most amazing works of art and architecture that were created during that time. Apart from this, the city gives you a plethora of other reasons to visit here including its museums, vibrant streets, churches, cathedrals, and much more.

There is so much to be seen and done in your Florence 2 days itinerary as the city holds various historic, cultural splendour as well as hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. You can visit the iconic Basilica Of Sante Croce and admire its exquisite Tuscan Gothic architecture, or take a trip to Florence to experience the vibrant atmosphere at its various squares. You can take a trip to the Piazza Della Repubblica and soak in the colourful vibe of your surroundings or delight in the mesmerizing works of art from the Renaissance period by world-renowned masters such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Giotto at the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace.

Basilica Of Sante Croce

This is one of the most important and visually stunning churches that you should include in your places to visit in Florence in 2 days. Witness a true example of Tuscan Gothic architecture and step inside to revel in the exquisite works of famous artists including Gaddi, della Robbia, Giotto, and Donatello. The church also houses the tombs of world-renowned masters such as Galileo, Ghiberti, Michelangelo, and Machiavelli.

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Uffizi Gallery

Explore this world-famous gallery during your 2 days in Florence that feature eternal masterpieces including Botticelli's ‘Birth of Venus’, Caravaggio’s ‘Medusa’, and several works by Michelangelo. Get a deep insight into the country’s rich art history as you get to witness more than 1,500 unique works exhibited here. Also you can feast your eyes on the iconic Renaissance paintings, sculptures, as well as tapestries that adorn the walls.

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Piazza Della Repubblica

One of the most sophisticated and important squares in the city, this is a must-visit in your Florence 2 days itinerary. It is located right in the heart of the city and features the porticoed 19th-century palazzi, along with Grand Dame hotels, elegant boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and historic cafés. You can walk down this interesting square to soak in the liveliness and exciting vibe of the place.

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Ponte Vecchio

When you visit Florence in 2 days, the Ponte Vecchio is a must-see landmark. This iconic bridge, spanning the Arno River, captivates with its historic significance and unique architecture. Dating back to medieval times, it's renowned for its rows of charming shops, a legacy of goldsmiths and artisans. Strolling across this bridge offers not only a glimpse into Florence's rich history but also an opportunity to admire the city's scenic beauty and artistic charm. The Ponte Vecchio stands as a testament to Florence's cultural heritage, making it an essential stop during your brief yet enchanting visit.

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Pitti Palace

When exploring Florence in 2 days, be sure to include the Pitti Palace in your itinerary. This grand Renaissance palace, nestled on the south side of the Arno River, is a treasure trove of art and history. Once the residence of the powerful Medici family, the palace now houses remarkable galleries, showcasing masterpieces by renowned artists like Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio. Its lush Boboli Gardens are equally captivating, offering a tranquil escape with stunning sculptures and green landscapes. A visit to the Pitti Palace not only unveils Florence's aristocratic past but also provides an immersive art and nature experience, making it a highlight of your short exploration.

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Boboli Gardens

Enjoy the fresh air and calm surroundings of this famous open air museum at the Boboli Garden, which is one of its kind. You can stroll through the massive hundred years old oak trees, or take a close look at the craftsmanship on the fountains and sculptures that dot the gardens alongside the vibrantly hued foliage.

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Florence’s Historical Centre

When you have 2 days in Florence, you can enjoy watching this symbol of the Renaissance that has been built at the same place where once there was an Etruscan settlement. Explore the 13th-century cathedral, Church of Santa Croce, the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace, all of which relay the extraordinary art history of over 600 years. You can also witness the works of famous masters as well such as Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Giotto, and Michelangelo.

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Michelangelo Square

Visit one of the most famous piazzale in the city with a beautiful sweeping view across Florence’s rooftops. Set up back in the 19th century the square is located by the side of a scenic hill in the Oltrarno neighbourhood. You can also catch glimpses of the beautiful Rose Garden and other historic attractions such as the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio and beyond.

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Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte

This church is yet another place of interest in Florence that offers some incredible sights of the city from atop a hill. Located on the outskirts of the city, the attraction boasts exquisite 13th-century mosaic work that immediately catches your attention. Particularly attractive is the golden mosaic of Christ Pantocrator from the 13th century that has been used to decorate the facade over a central window.

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All’Antico Vinaio

When exploring Florence, must include this in your places to visit in Florence in 2 days, make sure to stop by All’Antico Vinaio, a renowned local eatery famous for its delectable paninis. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets, this gem offers a culinary experience like no other. After satisfying your taste buds, venture to the iconic Uffizi Gallery, showcasing timeless Renaissance art. Wander to the Florence Cathedral, marvel at its stunning architecture, and climb the Duomo for breathtaking views. Conclude day one with a leisurely stroll along the Ponte Vecchio. On day two, immerse yourself in the history of the Florence Baptistery and enjoy the lush Boboli Gardens.

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Accademia Gallery

Better known as home to the world famous statue of Michelangelo's 'David', this is one of the most important galleries to visit during your 2 days in Florence. Take a tour down the spectacularly adorned halls and delight in the iconic sculpture along with other important Renaissance paintings by Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, and many others.

Medici Chapels

When exploring Florence in 2 days, a visit to the Medici Chapels is a must. These chapels, part of the San Lorenzo complex, are a testament to the Medici family's influence on the city's history. Admire the opulent architecture and Michelangelo's stunning sculptures, including the famous "Medici Tombs." Continue your journey with a stop at the Accademia Gallery to witness Michelangelo's iconic "David" sculpture. Wander through the charming streets to Piazza della Signoria, surrounded by historic buildings and statues. These experiences offer a glimpse into Florence's rich cultural heritage within your limited timeframe.

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What are best things to do in Florence in 2 days?

The best things to do in Florence in 2 days are:

  • Visit Iconic Art: Explore the Uffizi Gallery for masterpieces like Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" and Leonardo's "Annunciation."
  • Cultural Marvels: Admire Florence Cathedral's intricate Duomo and climb its dome for panoramic views. Discover historical gems at the Florence Baptistery.
  • Stroll Through History: Wander Ponte Vecchio's ancient bridge lined with shops, then immerse yourself in Medici history at the Medici Chapels.
  • Artistic Wonders: Witness Michelangelo's "David" at the Accademia Gallery and savor the culinary delights of All’Antico Vinaio's paninis, completing your enriching two-day Florence experience.

What are the best places to visit in Florence in 2 Days?

  • Museo Galileo
  • Pitti Palace
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Giotto's Bell Tower

Why is Florence so famous?

Florence is one of the most renowned cities in the world that attracts a lot of tourists for its rich history, culture, and architectural splendour. You can witness some of the greatest examples of Renaissance art and architecture and monuments in the city like Medici Chapels, Accademia Gallery and more. You can also indulge in some mouth watering savouries at All’Antico Vinaio or more.

How many days do you need in Florence?

You should spend at least 2 days in Florence to enjoy the majority of the city’s beautiful attractions. There is much to see and experience here such as the rich art and architecture, Renaissance paintings, museums, and much more.

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What is special about Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral?

The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the largest churches in the world and among the greatest landmarks in the city. The beautiful architecture is done entirely in Gothic style and has the largest masonry dome in the world. The bronze doors of the church are extremely famous and are known as The Gates of Paradise after Michelangelo’s comment on them.

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Is Admission to the Accademia Gallery free?

No, admission to the Accademia Gallery is not free except for visitors who are under the age of 18. An adult ticket into the gallery costs around €2–20 with many discounts and offers.

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